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"Always shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars"

Welcome to the one million stars project!

My goal is to make and send out 1 million stars.

Omg, Why? Well... I'm just crazy :) No, but really...The idea for this project came from my love for cute little paper stars and from wanting to do something nice for others. We all know how one kind word can change someone's entire day. Well... imagine what a full jar of them can do! That is why I want the messages in stars to reach as many people and spread as much joy as possible. I hope they will make you smile, motivate you to do great things or maybe just help you relax and daydream.

I will be keeping track of the amount of stars sent to each country and maybe in some time we can get at least 100 stars (one jar) to every country on the planet :D

I will update data on this page weekly.

Where are all the stars?

Rank Country Number of stars
1. USA 55.220
2. Slovenia 7186
3. United Kingdom 5630
4. The Netherlands 4200
5. Germany 3000
6. Canada 2500
7. Italy 2300
8. Australia 2030
9. Ireland 1500
10. Belgium 1000
11. Denmark 500
12. Finland 400
13. Romania 400
14. Austria 400
15. France 400
16. Hungary 300
17. Bosnia and Herzegovina 200
18. Greece 200
19. Poland 200
20. Indonesia 200
21. Portugal 200
22. Singapore 130
23. Japan 100
24. Croatia 100
25. Qatar 100
26. Luxembourg 100
27. India 100
28. Philippines 30
29. New Zealand 30
30. Peru 30

* This table is ordered by the number os stars sent out - descending. If your country isn't on the list no stars have been sent there yet. If 2 or more countries share same amount of stars they are ordered by the order date. So the country which ordered first is ranked higher.


  • Dec 2018

    An idea is born

  • 24th Mar 2019

    Fortune Jars are launched!

  • 21th Apr 2019

    5000 stars!

  • 16th Jun 2019


  • 24th Nov 2019

    50k stars!!!

How can you help?

You can help me on my journey to one million stars by buying Fortune jar(s) from my store. For every jar you buy I will adding 100 stars to the counter. Spreading the word about this project is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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